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Dress or Not to Dress..That is the question?

The workmanship on this dress is beautiful and amazing. Just look at the details.

Could you imagine being a seamstress working on this dress.

I have one other pondering question, I would love to ask…How much does this dress weigh?

St. Pucchi

Poochies are in!

It seems like all the weddings I am doing these days, people are incorporating their Dogs in the ceremony.

Me being a dog lover, and having two small Pomeranians myself enjoy the idea..Hey they are part of the family too.

I was looking for some cute collars for my little girls, and came across some very cute things and wanted to share.


Bring on the color!

One thing I adore is when people show their true colors…I love these pictures of Designer Elizabeth Dye 2011 Wedding line.
How funky are the colored stockings…!

Love, Love…Love

To Pretty Not to post….what a Beautiful Wedding Gift to your Bride!












Tiffany and Co

10 Secrets he’ll never tell you!

I was thumbing my way through some Wedding Magazines today, I came across this and got a chuckle..I wanted to share!!

1) He wants to register for one item on his own, even if he never uses it.

2) He cares about the music so much, he’ll pay the DJ a bonus not to play “Celebration.”

3) He has inexplicably developed a sixth sense; When the phone rings, he knows it’s your mother. He’ll start answering the phone again after the wedding.

4) He worries he won’t look half as good in his Tux as the little man on the cake does.

5) He liked taking dance lessons but wishes they’d included the funky chicken.

6) He may be nervous about his hair and may reach for the mousse . Don’t let Him!

7) He wants you to take his name, no matter what he says. Unless your name is Springsteen, in which case he’ll take yours.

8 ) He never really wants to know which friend gave you which gift at your lingerie shower.

9) He doesn’t want to write his own vows, because he really likes the ones in the book.

10) He is as excited about the wedding as you are, Seriously!

Writing credit goes to Mark Bazar- Hilarious


Uggs “I DO”

Would you wear Uggs on your Wedding Day?
Personally, I say “Heck Yea”
First..It’s your Wedding! You Do, What you want to Do!
Second…Uggs are so Comfy. If the Bride gets to wear hers! Can I wear mine?

Love = PomPoms

Me of course being naturally drawn to these because of the color and texture. Paper lanterns have been in for a few years but I find these to be a better alternative. They are lightweight great eye catchers and can come in every shade you can imagine. Cluster a whole bunch in a group hanging at all different heights, hang them in trees (as long as the weather service says no rain in the forecast) string a line them with fishing line hang from ceiling or from the backs of chairs. How adorable to use one of these little cutes as a napkin holder. The possibilities are endless!!  Cute, Cute, Cute!!

 I found these at  Etsy…search out Pom Poms.

Brett Leemkuil Design

One of my life time passions has been flowers, with my education being in the horticulture field, I am always drawn back to my first love so when I was chatting away with Brett the other day, I could tell he has a great sense of style and a love for what he does, it he is also fun witted and engaging. Brett has an incredible creativity that shines in his arrangements, as you will see below. Brett, has now returned to the Green Bay area full time after working in New York and California , with great excitement and passion he has launched the New Brett Leemkuil Design. His goal is not only to provide a distinct point of view through design but also to utilize a budget to its fullest potential, thus creating a seamless, well thought out event for his clients.

You you would be uber smart to choose Brett for your floral needs, no matter how big or small. I know he’s going to be my new go to guy for all my brides floral design needs

                   Brett Leemkuil Design

things = love

Ok I will admit it…I am an Etsy fanatic! My sister Lisa a few years ago sent me something’s to look at via e-mail and asked if I had ever been to the site…I laugh now because I go there weekly! They have great artists and creative people that have so many different and unique things to offer. All the things you see today are from Etsy.


Going right back to all that is Vintage Inspired ….A cute but elegant birdcage veil accented with a peony, pearls, crystals and ostrich fringe. Got to have this one…then go see Batcakes Couture at Etsy.


    This one is a great idea just think of how many ways you could customize these to fit into your wedding! Give your wedding guests something to talk about and remember your wedding by with these awesome “Cootie Catcher” wedding favors! Personalized with questions about you and your fiancé, your guests will be delighted to get to know more about you two as a couple while they mingle with others. As an alternative you could have one for each guest-to use them as place cards or escort cards.


Love it? Me too.. Go to Kat’s Krafts at Etsy.