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Cute as a button!

Though flowers are always lovely sometimes they don’t make the statement a bride is trying to make! Buttons are becoming a major alternative for flowers in relation to bouquets and boutonnieres! Though it may not be as elegant, it is a fun and eye catching way to express yourself as a couple! Also the super nice part, is that after spending all that time deciding on the perfect bouquet/boutonniere (and not to mention the cash) it is something you can keep as apposed to throwing them out or paying money to preserve them!

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Once again..

Husband turned Wedding Planner…Yes I’ll explain, If you don’t know yet… I am en-coiled in more weddings than I need to be through my husband, because he is the proprietor of  a Entertainment Company! After every wedding he does that hasn’t hired the planner, he come’s home shaking his head saying he was the” Wedding Planner / DJ ” last night and what a disaster! I understand where he is coming from, he has a music timeline that he has set-up in advance with his clients that he  is suppose to adhere by but to do that he spends most of his time running around trying to find the wedding party or bride and groom to keep them on schedule or asking them… You should think about maybe cutting the cake now so we can do the bouquet throw now!

Originally his job is to be the MC, set the mood for the night, keep everyone in a upbeat mood, happy and dancing, which I think is a big task alone.

So, remember your DJ for the night is not your Coordinator.

Yes, you can hire a Coordinator for just a few hours to keep things running smoothly!

Get it done…




When working on your wedding schedule, get it done before hand. Don’t leave things unfinished just hours or days before the wedding.

Give yourself a little relaxing downtime, if you have to… delegate to your family and friends and planner…Thats what we are there for!

Dress or Not to Dress..That is the question?

The workmanship on this dress is beautiful and amazing. Just look at the details.

Could you imagine being a seamstress working on this dress.

I have one other pondering question, I would love to ask…How much does this dress weigh?

St. Pucchi

Go ahead DIY!




Don’t be afraid if your a Do It Yourself ‘r! Yes. you can still hire a Planner to work with you. We like “Day of Coordination’s” and Love the DIY’rs, when you and your family do things yourself, it make things extra special and meaningful. Don’t forget to ask your Wedding Planner to join in on some of your crafting fun!

Poochies are in!

It seems like all the weddings I am doing these days, people are incorporating their Dogs in the ceremony.

Me being a dog lover, and having two small Pomeranians myself enjoy the idea..Hey they are part of the family too.

I was looking for some cute collars for my little girls, and came across some very cute things and wanted to share.


Ceremony Traditions

Plant a Tree

What a cool way to watch your Marriage grow…Literally!  Getting married at your parent’s house or your own, at County or City Park? Of course you will have to contact the County or City first, but a lot of times they welcome the idea. Have your Best man do 95 % work before hand by digging the hole and planting the tree, (not wearing tux or suit of course) all you need to do is both take shovel of soil and put it on top to represent! How about sending everyone one home with a little cute starter tree as a gift?

Unity Candle

A Unity candle is a very common ritual these days where the Mr. and Mrs. to be, use a candle to light more or one large candle that represents their union and coming together. Involve your guests by having them light a candle as they walk into the Church or wedding location, that way the whole wedding area will have a wonderful romantic glow about it. Hold on now…you can reuse the candles at the reception or have them taken home as gifts.

Blending of the Sands or Water

A lot like the Unity candle but here you can use colored sand or water from small vial or containers poured into a larger one to make a design or specific color. What if he proposed at the beach…how romantic it would be to use some sand from that location? Ideas for this are endless; in the end you have a nice reminder from your Wedding Day!

Circle of Love

I’ve been enjoying this one a lot, always makes me Joyous for the Bride and Groom. This can be done with everyone at a small wedding or for larger weddings can be done with Parents, Family members or the bridal party. People stand around the bride and groom and share something good, loving, or give advice or good wishes to them. I found out this is said to be an old Quaker Tradition but as my research dug deeper I found out certain African Tribes do something similar, either way what a great way to share the love.


“Joining of One’s Hands” or “Tying the Knot” as some may call it is non religion specific I found out in researching. It goes back to Romans and Greeks where they would use a garland of flowers around the hands and wrists. It was commonly used by Celts in Ireland and Scotland where they would use Ribbon or Tartan (Clans colors) to bind one hands to become “one.” Once again it has become a popular new tradition for today’s Brides and Grooms.


Bring on the color!

One thing I adore is when people show their true colors…I love these pictures of Designer Elizabeth Dye 2011 Wedding line.
How funky are the colored stockings…!

Bridal Week 2011

O.k. you all wait for fashion week…I wait for bridal week!

This year seems to carry the Motto of ..Go Big or Go Home!

First 3 Pictures are Ines Di Santo

Last 2 Pictures are Pronovias

Love, Love…Love

To Pretty Not to post….what a Beautiful Wedding Gift to your Bride!












Tiffany and Co

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